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FLYER partners up with MedAire to equip aircraft with travel risk mitigation program

Feb 24, 2021

Luxembourg (EU) / Phoenix (US) – The Luxembourg-based FLYER a European turboprop business aircraft concept bridging the gap between commercial travel and business aviation is announcing its partnership with MedAire, a renowned global travel risk mitigation provider. Both companies aim at optimizing security and excellence on-board aircraft and on the ground for passengers, crews and owners, through fully integrated travel health and security solutions.

Robert Fisch, Managing Director of the FLYER says: “It is a first for a turboprop aircraft operator to equip its planes by definition with risk mitigation tools from an expert player like MedAire. As the FLYER is part of Luxaviation Group, it comes naturally to strive for excellence and the highest standards. Our turboprop aircraft operations are no exception to this as we capitalize on the structured know-how processes of our mother company.”

The MedAire inflight component as well as its enhanced on the ground assistance services available via App and video consultation provide crews and passengers with an invaluable, highly responsive access to professional medical advisors, in case of medical incidents, travel restrictions, or civil unrest. MedAire professionals are able to provide imminent and accurate advice, 24/7, due to their unrivalled experience in aviation physiology and local knowledge of emerging threats around the world. Its worldwide network and presence help to overcome local cultural and language barriers and provide aircraft crews and users with peace of mind.

Bill Dolny, CEO of MedAire says:” Over the last year and due to the pandemic crisis, aircraft owners were increasingly becoming aware of the need for professional and highly responsive support in case of a medical distress or fear for personal safety, being it onboard or on the ground. We are proud to provide our knowledge and expertise to FLYER crews and passengers, driven by our duty of care values.”
The FLYER service consists of a fleet of brand-new turboprop aircraft strategically placed across Europe to answer the needs of clients looking for a safe and convenient way of travelling Europe for business or private purposes. The new service is offering the high standards of business aviation at an economically affordable rate.

About the FLYER

With a presence throughout Europe, the FLYER offers a unique concept with a more accessible solution that bridges the gap between commercial travel and business aviation. The FLYER portfolio consists of a fleet of minimum 4 new Beechcraft King Air 250 and 260 aircraft based in Belgium, Luxembourg and France of which 2 aircraft have already been delivered to Luxembourg. The 250 model features sophisticated avionics as well as upgraded Pratt & Whitney Canada turbine engines capable of operating at higher altitudes than previous models with significantly lower fuel consumption. It will carry 6 people at speeds comparable to those of a jet aircraft and is capable of operating from smaller airports. Its ability to use aerodromes with runways between 1,000 and 1,500 metres long opens up 425 new destinations for Luxaviation customers in Western Europe alone and offering new destinations such as Saint Tropez in the South of France.

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About MedAire

MedAire, an International SOS company, has been a partner to the aviation industry since 1985. MedAire pioneered the concept of air to ground in-flight medical events with its MedLink service. Today we provide fully integrated travel health and security solutions to over 150 of the world’s leading airlines and more than 4,000 private aircraft including 75% of fortune 100 companies. Our integrated solution includes real-time advice and assistance, training, equipment, and professional services for crew and passengers both in and beyond the cabin. MedAire’s MedLink and Global Response Centre, handle thousands of calls a year to help crew and passengers manage medical and travel safety events in the air and on the ground with 24/7 access to emergency care doctors, nurses and aviation security specialists. Further information: www.medaire.com

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