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About Us

Bridging the gap between commercial travel and business aviation. 

Born from the passion-fuelled minds of 4 aviation entrepreneurs on a mid-April Friday afternoon, when an animated discussion took place on finding a solution for making business aviation more accessible. After a few hours, some rolled-up sleeves and a whiteboard full of ideas, The FLYER took shape.

The room was charged with the energy of the unique and personal solution they had found…

The FLYER was the answer under everyone’s noses, offering an efficient, fuss-free, quiet and economical option for private travel. The FLYER concept consists of a fleet of brand-new aircraft strategically placed across Europe to perfectly suit clients who need a safe, affordable and convenient way of connecting their dots in Europe for work or personal adventure.

The result, in true Luxaviation Group fashion, is a safe solution supported by the paradigm of an airplane operated by two pilots, under commercial stringent rules and equipped with two engines. The idea is taking a proven concept but modernizing it to the latest standards in safety, efficiency, economy, avionics, emissions and noise: the King Air 250.

Built upon shattering the illusion that all business aviation is for the ultra-high net worth individuals only, The FLYER is instead to be utilised for efficiency, maximizing both business and family time.

The FLYER service is accessible to the business and private communities alike. It is practical and exceptionally fast; in short, The FLYER bridges the gap between commercial business class and business aviation, whereby you create your own seamless journey.