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What to Expect

You have been wondering what to expect? We won’t give everything away just yet – the main experience is the flight itself – but we can give you a glimpse into what there is to enjoy on-board of The FLYER.

We have put a lot of thought into it – but if anything is missing that could make your journey even more enjoyable – please let us know.

Max Passengers

Useful Load

Drinks and snacks that will be available

Music – choose from a variety of playlists


With the flights being short, you will find morning flights with viennoiserie and a selection of sandwiches for afternoon/evening flights (the crew will tell you where we stash the chocolate). A selection of teas, coffee and soft drinks are also available.

If you want to kick back and relax, visit Jana’s bar, but don’t tell anyone. The minibar is seasonal, from beer to gin and whiskey.

Please do not feed the pilots, they are on a strict diet.


Enjoy / Pre-select our FLYER music playlists designed for your journey. Feel free to download and take us home with you.

Our Lead Pilot

Alexandre is the The FLYER’s Lead Pilot. His passion for aviation and traveling reflects throughout his exciting career. Born in Luxembourg, he focused early on to engage in extensive aeronautical training, building valuable foundations.

After succeeding in his military path, he joined the Police Grand-Ducale of Luxembourg where he achieved the rank of Superintendent. In 2010 he opted to join a small company called Luxaviation. He started as a copilot on the Cessna Citation XLS, became a captain, changed to the Bombardier Challenger 350 before accepting this new challenge and become the fleet chief of the Flyer program. Alexandre has flown to every continent and continued to build on his accomplishments and expertise. As your fleet chief pilot, he holds the line training captain status for the King Air 250 and continues to be a Flight Instructor at the Luxembourg flight training Academy.

Alexandre is very outgoing, and driven, he speaks 4 languages and enjoys a healthy, active lifestyle. In his free time, he also enjoys spending time with his son.

Alexandre looks forward to flying you to your next destination!