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Your Questions Answered

Stepping on-board The FLYER you will see your aircraft is set.
We ensure that when the doors close you will experience an environment
conducive to work, conduct meetings, or enjoy well-deserved rest – discretion and privacy guaranteed.

But before you book, you probably have some questions you would like answered.

What procedures are in place to ensure The FLYER is sanitised and safe to travel on?

With our new protective measures on the ground and in the air – your safety remains at the heart of everything we do. We adhere to the strictest disinfecting and cleaning regimes of all our aircraft and facilities, to ensure passenger and crew protection at all times.

Air in the cabin and the spread of viruses?

I’ve heard all kinds of things about the air in the cabin and the spread of viruses – is this true?

I heard that the air is constantly recirculated and that before entering the cabin the air reaches a peak of 300°, gets cooled down and then funneled through hoses, filters, and vents into the cabin. The cabin air is renewed every two minutes in its entirety. So, there is no spread in an aircraft.

What is the difference between a Jet and a Turboprop?

The jet engine and the turboprop share the same fuel and are both driven by turbines. The jet is “pushed” by hot exhaust gases while the turboprop is “pulled” by its propellers. The turboprop, like The FLYER is designed to operate on shorter airfields, lower altitudes and slower speed with less consumption while the jet is higher speed and altitude, longer runways, longer range with higher consumption.

It’s a small aircraft, will we experience more turbulence?

The turbulence is not dependant on the size of the aircraft but on the rigidity of the wing. The FLYER as most entry level aircraft in business aviation have a rigid wing for performance consideration. But what is turbulence? Turbulence is simply two masses of air colliding, i.e. the hot air goes up, the cold air goes down and they meet in the middle which creates a turbulent air layer. Changing flight level often solves the problem.

What’s the price?

Most asked question. Before answering we need to agree on the product. The journey in business aviation is the flight. Flexibility, changes of schedule, travelling to destinations other airlines cannot reach and day returns need to be also considered. Put this all together and you find that the price is comparable to business class if you have 4 people on-board. Call, email, WhatsApp Tom, he will gladly present a quote.

Tip: book in advance, the more flexibility you give us, the more cost effective. If you want to fly at the start of the school holidays on a Friday, it will be more expensive.

We are opportunistic, combine trips, constantly and… I will not give you our secret recipe… but we will keep you flying.

How many people fit in The FLYER?

Half a dozen but if you know each other well we have seating for 7.

Can I add passengers on short notice?

Yes! In essence, if they have their own seat, they can join you for the flight!

Keep in mind that the heavier the aircraft, the shorter the flight range – but we do all the calculations before you board – safety first!

Can I fly to XXX? or to XXX?

Tell me more, tell me more… our Grease lightning FLYER can go places jets just overfly, that’s our product!

Simply tell us where and when you need to go and we will design a suitable itinerary. Sometimes there is an airfield just around the corner that you weren’t even aware of!

Did you know that the Geneva area has 6 airports within 45 minutes driving?

Is payment required before departure?

Do you pay for concert tickets before you attend? If you do not want to pay in advance, why not become part of the band and become a King Air owner? We have an interesting offer and it may be more affordable than you may think. Call us.

Can I choose the departure times?

Your preferences will be aligned with the airport hours, that avoids embarrassing moments. Not all airports are open at night.

What documents do I need to send/bring?

ID and… your school grades, certified and notarized….

Can I delay the flight if my meeting runs late?

Let’s talk. That’s why you use The FLYER. The timeline has some flexibility. The better the communication between us the less obstacles we have on our journey together. We may have delays too: air traffic control slots, weather etc. We should talk to each other more.

Boarding time? When do I need to be at the airport?

Preferably before take-off time, we ask about 20 minutes before departure.

Can The FLYER land directly on the ski slopes, or on a beach?

Since we would like to reuse the aircraft, I am afraid that this will not be possible, but we can accommodate your request by getting you as close as possible.

The FLYER now cooperates with MedAire. What does that mean?

MedAire, an International SOS company, has been a partner in the aviation industry since 1985. They have pioneered the concept of air-to-ground in-flight medical events with its MedLink service. This means that a team of experts in various fields is available for immediate support for anyone onboard one of our aircraft or while en route with us.

This MedAire service offering ensures that our FLYER guests are truly looked after as their health, safety, and well-being are ensured in the best possible way.

So how does it work really?

MedAire’s 24/7 Global Response Centre can connect your crew with a medical professional, within minutes both on-ground and in-flight. Our team will have the chance to speak face to face via video with a doctor, who assesses, reassures, and offers a fast, accurate solution. The team can provide up-to-date advice and information on specialist topics such as medical incidents and emergencies, travel restrictions, pandemics, or civil unrest.

Our Pilots have been equipped with the necessary first responder techniques to manage and communicate any health or safety incidents that take place on board our King Air. So when you step onboard one of our FLYERs the MedAire safety net is always flying with you.

Can I bring my pets?

2 or 4 legged? For most countries not an issue (Schengen area) but for the UK it is a bit different. Pets are only allowed if they have a travel passport and people may be delayed on the entry, it will take an extra 5-10 minutes to register. We are limited to a maximum weight of 8kg for pets without a cage and additional fees may apply for screening.

Keep in mind that the heavier the aircraft the more the range will be affected. We cannot take full passenger and baggage load and fly 3,000 km.

Dogs, cats and others come in all shapes, sizes and character. Let’s keep it reasonable.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, electronically or ink, whichever works for you.

What kind of luggage can I take?

How much? Skis? Hunting guns? Bicycle? Wheelchair?

If it fits in a SUV, it will fit in The FLYER. However, there are some goods that are dangerous for an aircraft like large magnets, car batteries etc.

What luggage items are prohibited on private flights?

All the usual items that you would expect on a regular commercial flight such as dangerous goods, batteries…

However, we are permitted to carry sporting weapons.

What should a person wear on a private jet?

You should dress how you feel most comfortable. But if you’re invited for business, we always advise that you dress as if you were invited to a business meeting. There is nothing wrong with dressing up to travel.

What should never be worn on a private jet?

High heels, leave them at the entry door, keep it comfy.

Are we allowed to taking photos?

Are we allowed to take photos boarding our aircraft and on-board?

If you are flying for business, you may be requested to keep it discreet. But if you’re flying for leisure – snap away. But first, check before you share or tag any other passengers. And if you do share socially, don’t forget to tag us @lxaflyer and add our #s.

How many pilots will there be on my flight?

There will always be 2 pilots on every flight – this is often a legal requirement depending on the type of aircraft.

Where do I need to go? Commercial Terminal?

We avoid most commercial terminals; the car parking is way too expensive. We use General Aviation Terminal’s and ExecuJet FBOs throughout Europe. We will let you know where the fresh cookies are.

Can you organise a taxi upon arrival?

Taxi, limo, subway, rental car, water taxi or helicopter… whatever you need. Tell us your destination and we can arrange it.

Can I be driven up to The FLYER?

At some airports there is the option to be driven to your aircraft, but they are getting fewer by the day due to security regulations. We do encourage it where the option is available.

Seating: Are seats allocated? Can I change seats in-flight?

While there are no assigned seats on The FLYER if you are flying as a guest, remember to allow your host to choose their place first. If you are unsure where to sit, ask your host. And if you are the host, the choice is yours. Each seat comes with a window with panoramic views, reading light and some have USB ports for charging your phone.

Is there a fully enclosed lavatory?

The last seat in the cabin has a fully serviceable lavatory which can be found underneath the cushion.  You will also find all the amenities that you may require.  Since we value your privacy, there is a sliding door between the passenger cabin and the lavatory.  The sound of silence. 

On-Board Guide

Welcome on-board.  Thank you for choosing to travel with The FLYER.  Whether you are traveling alone
or with up to 6 passengers, you are about to experience an environment conducive to work,
conduct meetings or enjoy well-deserved rest – discretion and privacy guaranteed.

On-board, The FLYER may differ from other aircraft, so below
we will take you through the aircraft and its amenities.

Is wearing a seatbelt a requirement on a private flight?

Wearing a seatbelt is a safety standard across the aviation industry, since there is nowhere to go, you might as well keep it latched. Of course, we ask for your cooperation if the crew requests that you wear your seatbelt.

How do I move the seats?

Front, back, sideways, recline… whatever makes you happy or your co-travellers unhappy.

Do the seats turn into a bed?

The FLYER offers generous head and shoulder room and is furnished with finely crafted seats that can laterally track, swivel and recline. The best place for a snooze is in the seats up front, just behind the cockpit. The damped noise of the air going to the propellers will help you fall asleep. But… we ask that you snore softer than the engines…

Table set up on-board?

Will the tables be open before our flight or do we do this ourselves?

The tables can be opened during the flight but need to be stowed away for take-off and landing. The tables are designed to support some small items like a laptop but not much more. No dancing on the tables, sorry.

How do I open the table on-board?

Tables: It’s my first time on The FLYER, how do I open the table? Is there a button?

Pull the table upwards then sideways. It might sound gibberish, but we suggest you give it a try.

I have spilled my drink, what now?

Red wine on a beige carpet. It may need to be steamed cleaned and as everything is more regulated in aviation, we need the intervention of a specially approved company. If it happens, let the crew know.

The rules on smoking?

European regulation generally prohibits smoking on airliners.  We also have a strict non-smoking policy on-board The FLYER. 

Is there life vest on-board?

Where can I find them? Will someone demonstrate?

No need to share, each seat has one and can be found below your seat. This is part of the emergency equipment and should not be tampered with. They come in a one size fits all and are available in an elegant fluorescent yellow. Children and infants have their own vests. The life vests on-board are the same as those found on any commercial aircraft from a King Air to an airliner.

It’s always cold on-board, can I change the temperature?

Yes, this comes free of charge. Ask your crew and they will happily oblige. 22°c is the temperature we are aiming for. On-board we carry comfy blankets and pillows that are replenished regularly with blissful dreams.

Can I book this exact plane the next time?

You can book The FLYER again unless we run into some unforeseen issues, but we will always contact you and offer alternatives. We are part of the solution, not the problem.

Will catering be available?

With the flights being short, you will find morning flights with viennoiserie and a selection of sandwich for afternoon/evening flights (the crew will tell you where we stash the chocolate). Hot water and coffee are available, as well as sodas. Please do not feed the pilots, they are on a strict diet.

Is there a complimentary mini bar?

If you want to kick back and relax, visit Jana’s bar, but don’t tell anyone. The minibar is seasonal, from beer to gin and whiskey.

Music: I’ve created a playlist for the flight, are we able to play?

Maybe… if we like the playlist, yes.

Phone Calls: Can we make calls inflight?

Ah… sorry… no network and we haven’t found a cable long enough yet.

Will chargers be available for electronic devices / or power?

Yes, there are several of them located next to the tables.

Is there Wi-Fi on-board?

Nope, too slow, too expensive, does not make sense yet. Enjoy being disconnected for a bit, that does not happen often anymore.

Luggage: can I access my luggage in-flight?

Luggage: I forgot something in my bags, can I access my luggage in-flight?

Absolutely, past the toilet, straight ahead you will be able to access your luggage. The cargo net will hold your luggage safe… 

Are electronic devices ok to use during the flights?

Feel free to use your electronic devices, if they run hot, smoking hot, let the crew know. If they run flat, we have USB plugs to recharge, if you forgot your cable, we hope that it is a fruit named manufacturer since we use iPads and iPhones on-board.

Toilets: Is there an enclosed lavatory?

The last seat in the cabin has a fully serviceable toilet underneath the cushion. You will also find all the amenities that you may require. Since we value your privacy, there is a sliding door between the passenger cabin and the toilet. The sound of silence.

I want to remember my flight: What can I take home?

Rubber Bob Duck is looking for a new home…

I have an idea, where can I leave a suggestion?

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, leave your comments and ideas in the guest book, or via email or on the app. Give us the opportunity to improve, and we will always aim to make your experience better.

Where can I get the cute uniforms from – I like the vest.

After having your commercial pilot license and sufficient experience, please apply and if you pass the selection process.

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